About snap features

The Deform tool has several modes that can help you move, resize and rotate faces, lines, points and 3D shapes. You can also change the location of the reference point used when moving, resizing and rotating. Snap features anticipate your next move and provide you with visual feedback about the precise distance, angle, resize and radius value. As you draw, the snap features cause drawing tools to automatically align to faces, existing points, midpoints, lines, and 3D axes so that you can align new objects precisely. You can also encourage snapping and lock your alignment.


As you move geometry, snap-to-distance increments your selection in predefined steps based on grid subdivisions that also depend on the zoom percentage.

To get a finer distance step and more accurate design, zoom in closer to the model.

Zoom in


Zoom out



As you rotate geometry, snap-to-angle aligns your selection to the nearest polar grid angle. To get a more precise angle value, move the mouse further away from your selection.

Move the mouse further away


Move the mouse closer in



The snap-to-grid feature aligns drawing tools to the nearest intersection of gridlines. It lets you draw on the ground and orient basic geometry more precisely. It is also available when placing or moving copies of items and 3D shapes.

When you aren't drawing on the ground, the snap-to-distance feature increments drawing tools in predefined steps based on grid subdivisions.

Automatic alignment

As you draw, snap causes drawing tools to automatically align to faces, existing points including midpoints, lines and 3D axes so that you can align new entities precisely.

You can navigate and draw more accurately in 3D by using color-coded visual cues that highlight 3D axes, points and lines.


Visual cue Indicates

Solid blue line (solid blue line)

Parallel to an existing line or edge

Solid yellow line (solid yellow line)

Parallel to a 3D axis

Dotted blue line (dotted blue line)

Directly in line with a point

Dotted yellow line (dotted yellow line)

Directly in line with a point along a 3D axis

Fuschia point (fuchsia point)

Existing point

Blue point (blue point)


Visual cues may not always be what you want or expect. In these cases, you can indicate to the drawing tools that you want to base your next move on an existing line, point, circle or arc. To make the tool snap to one of these entities, pause for a few seconds over the entity.

Snap locking

When drawing, you can lock the snap to the current plane or face, and to the current snap direction.

  • To lock the current snap direction, press SHIFT, then pick up another point or line.


  • To continue drawing in the current plane or face, snap to the face, then press SHIFT to lock the snap.

    Das_snap_shift_plane03Das_snap_shift_plane01 If you don't snap to the face first, you will obtain something like this:

To turn off snap behavior, press S.