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Use email in Office 365


Topic Last Modified: 2012-03-22

You can use email in Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises by using Microsoft Outlook Web App, a web-based version of Microsoft Outlook. Outlook Web App gives you access to your Microsoft Exchange mailbox from any computer connected to the web. You can also keep track of email from other accounts, such as Hotmail or Gmail (Google mail), by connecting those accounts to your Outlook Web App account.

In addition to being able to access your email through Outlook Web App, you can connect your Office 365 email account to a desktop email program such as Outlook or Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac, Web Services Edition. For more information, see Connect Office 365 to your Outlook desktop application.

Never leave your computer unattended if your Outlook Web App session is open. If you are using a public computer, sign out of Outlook Web App before you leave the computer. If you are using your own computer, lock or shut down your computer when you leave it.
Sign in to Outlook Web App

Outlook Web App provides access to your email from any computer connected to the web, even a public computer at an airport terminal or hotel. All you need is your user name and password, which were provided to you when your company added your account to Office 365.

To sign in to Outlook Web App from Office 365, follow these steps.

When your company added your account to Office 365, you were given a user name and temporary password. The first time that you sign in to Office 365, you are asked to change your temporary password. You cannot sign in to Outlook Web App by using a temporary password. If you still have the temporary password that was assigned to you in email, sign in to Office 365 and change it there.
  1. In the header, click Outlook.

  2. On the Sign In page, choose a security option. For more information about these options, click show explanation.

    To improve your experience if you have a slow Internet connection or are using a computer with strict browser settings, select the Use the light version of Outlook Web App check box.
  3. Type your Office 365 user name. Your user name takes the form of an email address such as: name@contoso.com.

  4. Type your password, and then click Sign in.

For more information about how to use Outlook Web App, click the Help icon (a question mark) in the application.

Get email from multiple accounts

You can connect your Hotmail, IMAP-enabled, or POP-enabled email accounts to your Outlook Web App account to manage all of your email in one place.

For more information about getting email from multiple accounts, see Connected Accounts.


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