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My MSN: Collapse, expand, and remove modules

You can hide, show, and delete content modules on your My MSN page.


Signed in vs. not signed in

If you use My MSN without signing in to a Microsoft account, the browser saves your customizations in cookies. The next time you use the same browser, on the same computer, and go to My MSN, your customizations will appear.

If you use a different browser or computer, your customizations won't appear. If the cookies are deleted, your customizations, including content, layout, and themes, will be lost. To see your customized My MSN page in any browser or on any computer, always sign in with a Microsoft account.

Collapse and expand a module

  • To hide the content in a module, at the top of a module, click the Collapse module button Collapse.

  • To see the content in a collapsed module, at the top of a module, click the Expand module button Expand.

Remove a module

  • To delete a content module from your page, at the top of a module, click the Remove module button Delete.

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