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Change your contact preferences


Topic Last Modified: 2012-09-06

Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses provides a variety of communications options that can help you better use our products and services.

  • Promotional offers: Be the first to receive special offers during a trial or after purchasing Office 365 products and services.
  • Customer research: Make your opinions count by responding to surveys and feedback sessions about Office 365. Your feedback can help us improve our services.
  • Educational content: Take advantage of expert information about using Office 365 products and services.
  • Partner communications: Allow our valued Microsoft Partners to contact you about product-related services and events.
  • Compliance notifications: Stay updated about security, privacy, and audit requirements. For more information, see Privacy Trust Center.

Depending on your country or region, you may have been automatically signed up to receive product-related information. You can use the My profile page to change how Office 365 contacts you with product-related information. And the Contact preferences section of the My profile page is where you can update your settings to receive the different types of product information available.

You will continue to receive email messages related to your Office 365 billing and service accounts even if you choose not to receive the product information available on the My profile page.
Update your contact information

Use the My profile page to update your preferred contact information.

  1. On the header, click My profile.

  2. On the My profile page, under Contact preferences, type the preferred phone, mobile phone , or email address where you want to receive product-related communications from Office 365.

    The communications that you receive at your preferred email address are optional, so you can use any email address for this purpose, including your Office 365 email address.
    In contrast, the alternate email address that is listed under Information on the My profile page is used as a backup to your Office 365 email address for important notifications, including, for administrators, password resets. You should not use your Office 365 email address as your alternate email address.
    If you don’t add an email address for contact preferences, your alternate email address will be used for these communications.
  3. Click Save.

Choose the type of information that you receive

Use the My profile page to select the types of product-related information that you want to receive from Office 365.

  1. On the header, click My profile.

  2. On the My profile page, under Contact preferences, select the check box next to the product-related options that interest you. Clear a check box next to an option if you do not want to receive information.

  3. Click Save.


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