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Change your display language


Topic Last Modified: 2011-12-09

If you are signed in to Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises so that the site appears in one language (for example, English), but you would prefer to view your site in another language (for example, German), you can use the My profile page to change your display language.

Changing your display language does not affect how the Office 365 site displays for anyone else.

To change your display language:

  1. On the header, click My profile.

  2. On the My profile page, under Display language, select your preferred display language, and then click Save.

Office 365 and Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access will appear in your selected language on any computer you use to sign in to Office 365.

  • SharePoint Online will not appear in your selected language. To change the display language, see SharePoint Online Help.
  • If you manually change your display language in Outlook Web Access or SharePoint Online, your change will not appear in the Office 365 site.

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