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View your bill


Topic Last Modified: 2012-05-18

As a billing or global administrator you can view your Office 365 bill or invoice. Your bill provides information about your current subscription charges.

Depending on when you purchased your original Office 365 subscription, you may also have the ability to view billing history and details about your orders, and obtain official PDF invoices.

View my bill

To view your bill, do one of the following:

  • On the Admin page, under Subscriptions, click Manage, click a subscription name, and then click View bill.
  • On the Admin page, under Subscriptions, click Manage, and then click Billing.
View billing history

Go to Admin > Subscriptions > Manage > Billing history.

When you view billing history you can:

  • See a history of the charges on your account. You can view charges for the current billing period and previous months.
  • See all the orders for a given charge in a billing period. An order includes one or more subscriptions that you have purchased, such as an Office 365 plan or a service, such as SharePoint Online.
  • See detailed information about each order, such as the cost of each subscription and the unit price and number of licenses.
  • Access the official PDF invoice for your orders.
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