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Money: Get quotes

  1. At the top of any MSN Money page, in the Enter a name or symbol box, enter the name or symbol of the fund, stock, or index that you want a quote for.

    MSN Money Get Quote box

    As you enter each character, a list of possible results appears under the box.

  2. Click a symbol in the list, or click GET QUOTE.

    To see more results that match the symbol or name you entered, click Show all results matching at the bottom of the list.

Get multiple quotes

  • In the Name or symbol box, enter symbols separated by commas, and then click GET QUOTE.

    Your quotes will appear in a list. To see detailed results for a quote, click the symbol in the list.

You must use symbols, company names don’t work for multiple quotes.

Get quotes for a security type


Security type Prefix



Mutual fund




  • In the Name or symbol box, enter the prefix for the security type followed by all or part of a symbol, and then click GET QUOTE.

    For example, to search for a stock symbol that begins with MS, enter =MS.

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