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Basics: Get email about your comments

Get a daily email letting you know about replies to your comments.

To get email notifications about comment replies

  1. Go to your MSN Profile page.

    If you are not signed in, you’ll go to the sign in page first to enter your Microsoft account email address and password.

  2. On the MSN profile page, click or tap Get comments email.

Change your mind? If you don’t want email about replies to your comments, go back to your MSN Profile page, and then click or tap No comments email.

About Microsoft account

A Microsoft account is an email address and password you use to sign in to all MSN and Microsoft sites and services, including and the Windows Store. A Microsoft account also gets you in to other Microsoft sites, such as Xbox LIVE and Office 365.

Report inappropriate comments or replies

To report an abusive or inappropriate comment or reply:

  • Using a mouse: Hover over the post, point to Report, and then click the menu item that describes the issue.

  • On a touch device: On the post, tap Report, and then tap the menu item that describes the issue.

When is inappropriate material removed? The abusive comment won’t be removed from MSN until a moderator reviews it.

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