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Basics: Change the name you use on comments

Comments are not available for some features and stories.

When you post your first comment, you’re prompted to use your Microsoft account name or a nickname. No matter which you choose, it’s easy to change your posting name later.

To change the name you post under

  1. Click or tap your user name displayed above the comments text box or your published comment.

    If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to enter your Microsoft account before you go to your MSN profile page.

    • To use a nickname instead of your Microsoft account name, click or tap Use nickname.

    • To use your Microsoft account name instead of a nickname, click or tap Use your name

Old and new posts use your current name or nickname. Regardless of which name your comments or replies were originally posted under, all of your comments will display under the name you’re currently using.

Report inappropriate comments or replies

To report an abusive or inappropriate comment or reply:

  • Using a mouse: Hover over the post, point to Report, and then click the menu item that describes the issue.

  • On a touch device: On the post, tap Report, and then tap the menu item that describes the issue.

When is inappropriate material removed? The abusive comment won’t be removed from MSN until a moderator reviews it.

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