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Money: About MSN Money

MSN Money makes it easy to get stock information, news, and expert commentary:

  • Stock ticker at the top of every page shows real-time quotes for the major indexes and the 12 most recent stock quotes that you've searched for.

  • Stock quote pages to find news and data about the stocks you're interested in.

  • Stock charts with interactive controls to help you visualize the data about where a stock has been and give you information to help you figure out where it might go next. Save the views you like and apply them to any stock with one click.

  • Mutual fund and ETF pages combine news and commentary with tools and data so you can explore these investment classes.

  • Market summary page brings together news, data and video so you know at a glance what's moving today and why, with links to take you to more details about the day's market-moving events.

  • Videos from CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and more give you the latest news, analysis and how-to content.

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