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Money: Create a custom news search

Create a custom news search that includes up to five securities, companies, industries, or topics, and see the news results at any time with one click.

Your web browser automatically saves your custom news search in a cookie. The next time you use the same browser, on the same computer, and go to your news search, your news results will appear. If you use a different browser or computer, your news results won't appear. If the cookies are deleted or blocked by your computer's or browser's security settings, you'll lose your news search.

  1. Go to the MSN Money News Center.

  2. Below the list of news headlines, click Customize your news.

  3. In the Customize your news section, enter up to five symbols, choose up to five topics, or up to five items from a combination of the two.

  4. Choose the number of headlines that you want to see for each selection, and then click Search.

    The search results page appears. At the top of the page, Showing news for is followed by the symbols or topics included in the results. Below that are the leading headlines for your selections.

See your custom news results

  1. Go to the MSN Money News Center.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and in the lower-right, in the Your Recent News Searches section, click a custom news search or a recent search to see the results.

The Your Recent News Searches section shows your last ten news searches.

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