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Basics: Touch and keyboard navigation

Touch and keyboard shortcuts provide alternatives to navigating with a mouse.

Touch navigation

MSN for Windows 8 is optimized for touch gestures in Internet Explorer 10 and later versions.


To do this Do this

Follow a link, share a story, or any other activity that used a mouse click.


Page through lead stories or a slide show.

Flick to the right or left

Page through stories in a section.

Flick to the right or left.

Tap through the Table of Contents on the left of the page.

Scroll up or down.

Flick up or down.

Zoom in or out on a page.

Pinch or stretch.

Keyboard shortcuts

A highlight box shows you the interface element selected as you navigate the page using the keyboard.


To do this Press

Go to the Search box

Alt+S (except Firefox)

Go forward to the next item


Go back to the previous item


Go to the top of the page


Go to the bottom of the page


Scroll up

Up arrow

Scroll down

Down arrow

Scroll up a screen length

Page up

Scroll down a screen length

Page down

Increase size of text and images (Zoom in)

Ctrl+Plus sign

Decrease size of text and images (Zoom out)

Ctrl+Minus sign

Reset size of text and images to default (Zoom 100%)

Ctrl+0 (zero)

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