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Money: Change which columns appear in Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager uses views to change which columns appear and the order that they appear in so you can see the information that's important to you.

To see a description of a column's contents, hover on the column heading.

Choose a view

  1. Go to Portfolio Manager.

    To get to Portfolio Manager, at the top of any MSN Money page, click Investing, and then click Portfolio Manager.

  2. If you aren't signed in to MSN Money, sign in with your Microsoft account.

  3. In the View list, choose a view that has the type of information that you want.

Create a custom view

To see your custom view, on the View list, click Custom.

  1. In the View menu, choose Edit Custom View.

  2. In the Available columns or Displayed columns list, choose a column and click Add or Remove.

  3. In the Displayed columns list, click Move Up or Move Down to reorder the columns.

  4. Click Close.

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