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Money: Research an investment using interactive charts

Quote pages on MSN Money include interactive charts to help you research investments. These charts make it easy to compare stocks with competitors, add technical indicators or events such as stock splits, and save your customized charts.

Interactive chart overview.

Compare with other symbols

You can compare up to seven additional stock, fund, or index symbols.

  1. Above the chart, click the COMPARE tab.

  2. Enter the name or symbol of the stock, fund, or index that you want to compare. As you type each character, a list of possible matches appears under the box.

  3. Click a symbol in the list or click ADD.

To remove a symbol from the comparison, click COMPARE, and then clear the check box next to the symbol you want to remove.

Change the time period

To change the time period covered by your chart, click one of the pre-defined date ranges or enter a custom start and end date, using the format mm/dd/yyyy, in the date boxes.

Change the time frame for your chart.

Add technical indicators

Technical indicators are tools for trend analysis and prediction. Some indicators will overlay your chart and others will appear as small charts below the main chart.

Technical indicators only apply to the primary ticker and not to any compared tickers.

Add technical indicators to your chart.
  1. Click the INDICATORS tab.

  2. Select the check box for the indicator you want to add, adjust any settings as needed, and then click DRAW.

    You can add multiple indicators.

Add events

You can add events, such as when a stock split or paid dividends, to your chart.

Events only apply to the primary ticker and not to any compared tickers.

Add events to your chart.
  1. Click the EVENTS tab.

  2. Select the check boxes for the events you want to add.

Add drawings

The DRAWINGS tab contains chart annotation tools to help you highlight parts of your chart or show custom trend lines.

Add annotations to your chart with drawing tools.
  1. Click the DRAWINGS tab.

  2. Select the type of drawing you want.

  3. Using your mouse cursor, draw your chart annotation.

To remove a drawing, click the close button Close a chart drawing. at the end of your drawing.

Change chart type

A variety of chart types are available to help you visualize the data. The chart type applies only to the primary ticker and not to any compared tickers.

Change your type of chart.
  1. Click the CHART TYPE tab.

  2. Select the chart type.

Change settings

Chart settings enable you to change the behavior of the vertical axis and of your mouse cursor.

  1. Click the SETTINGS tab.

  2. Select the settings you want.

Change the settings for your chart.
  • Y-AXIS: Change the location of the vertical axis text.

  • VERTICAL SCALE: Set the vertical axis scale.

    • Linear: The distance between every point takes up the same vertical distance.

    • Logarithmic: The vertical distance between every point is equal to the percentage movement; for example the distance between 1 and 10 is equal to the distance between 10 and 30.

  • SELECTION MODE: This controls the behavior of your cursor when you click and drag.

    • Pan: Click and drag to the right or left to adjust the time period forward or back.

    • Zoom in: Click and drag across a portion of the chart to highlight it. When you release the mouse button, the chart zooms in to the highlighted portion. To see the full chart again, click one of the pre-configured date ranges.

  • CURSOR: These options control how information is shown as you move your mouse pointer across the chart.

    • Track ball: A ball indicates a spot on the chart and corresponding dates and price information display above the chart.

    • Crosshair: A box in the chart body shows prices for the particular date and time.

    • Off: No information is shown.

Print, download, or share

Above your chart, in the upper right corner, point to Click this to print, download, or share your chart to open the Print, Download, and Share options.

Print, download, or share your chart.
  • Click Print to open your chart in a new window and open the Print dialog box.

  • Click Download to save your chart data as a Microsoft Excel (XLS) spreadsheet.

  • Click Share to open a dialog box with the link for your customized chart. You can copy and paste it, or you can click Send in E-mail to open your default email program with a message that contains the link and this message:
    Hi, I thought you’d be interested in this stock chart. Click the link to view the chart using MSN Money’s interactive charting tool..

Save a customized chart

To save your customized chart, bookmark the chart’s page in your browser. You can bookmark as many different customized charts as you want.

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