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Money: About stock price quotes

The source of Money's quotes

MSN Money gets information from Interactive Data, an Internet provider of market information. Unless noted, all data is delayed 20 minutes. Information is believed accurate but is not warranted or guaranteed by Microsoft or Interactive Data.

Real-time quotes

Real-time quotes show the price of the most recently executed trade. Real-time quote data on the delayed quote page is provided by BATS Exchange. MSN Money provides free BATS Exchange real-time quotes during the pre-market and regular trading session.

Delayed quotes

Delayed quotes are based on trades that took place approximately 15 minutes prior. Delayed quotes from the NYSE and Nasdaq are delayed at least 15 minutes.

Dynamic quote information

You don't need to refresh an MSN Money page to see the latest quote information, it refreshes automatically. However, if the browser is on the same page for 20 minutes, dynamic quote updates stop. To start them again, click the browser's refresh button or look up a new symbol.

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