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Search Facebook photos

On Bing, you can find photos that your friends have shared with you on Facebook. To see their photos, first connect Bing with Facebook.

In Social Results

Here you can see which friends have posted photos related to your search.

Photos in Social Results from friends.

Friends’ Photos

Here you can browse or search Facebook photos your friends have shared with you, photos from pages you’ve liked, and your own photos.

Searching Friends' Photos on Bing.

You can also like and comment on a photo right on Bing. Your comments and likes appear in the photo viewer on Bing and Facebook.

Comment and like Friends' Photos

Enter a friend’s name in the search box to find their photos and albums. Use the drop-down menus to browse photos.

Browse photos on Friends' Photos page

Who can see your photos

In Friends’ Photos, your friends will only see photos you've shared with them or photos you’ve made public. Public photos may be seen by anyone. For more information about how you can control who sees the pictures you share, see Photo Privacy in Facebook Help.

Some features and functionality described here may not be available in your country or region.

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