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See results from your Facebook friends

See results from your Facebook friends and others from social networks like Twitter, Quora, and Foursquare who might know something about what you’re searching for.

About results from your Facebook friends

When you connect with Facebook, Bing finds friends who might know something about your search. You'll see them in the right column under From friends.

Posts in Social Results from friends

Friends who appear here have lived near the thing or place you’re searching for or have shared likes, photos, posts, or links about it. It may take a day or two for items shared on Facebook to appear.

Not seeing friends you think should be here? Their Facebook privacy settings restrict sharing. For more information about Facebook privacy settings, see Privacy Basics in Facebook Help.

About results from other social networks

Bing also shows tweets or blog posts about the place or thing you’re searching for. You’ll see them under From social networks.

Posts in Social Results from social networks

Bing considers people and websites who appear here experts or enthusiasts on the topic you’re searching for. You'll see them even if you haven't connected Bing to Facebook.

See results from Facebook

In the upper-right corner of any Bing page, click Sign in and then click Connect to see social results from friends.

Facebook sign in

Stop seeing results from Facebook

In the upper-right corner of any Bing page, click your name, and then Sign out.

Facebook sign out

Show or hide results from Facebook

At the top of the Social Results, click the Show/Hide arrow Show or hide Social Results..

Like or comment on a result from Facebook

You can like or comment on a friend’s post—Bing will take you to Facebook to do this.

Post something you find on Bing

Bing will never post or share anything automatically on Facebook. Only you can post to Facebook from Bing.

  1. At the top of the Social Results, click Post to share something you found on Bing.

    Click Post to share something from Bing.
  2. In the text box, enter anything you want to say about your search.

  3. To tag friends in your post, click Choose friends to notify, start entering a friend's name, and then click the name of the friend you want to tag. You can tag up to five friends.

  4. To add links to your post, click the Image of button for adding a link in the Sidebar button next to the web result. You can add up to five links.

  5. Click Post.

    Your post will appear in your Facebook timeline.

    What a post from Bing looks like on Facebook.

Who can see your posts

On Facebook Your Facebook privacy settings determine who can see your posts.

On Bing Your Facebook friends will only see your posts if they have connected Bing with Facebook, have permission to see your posts, and search for a related topic.

Protecting your privacy

To change who can see what you share on Facebook, go to your Facebook privacy settings.

Microsoft is committed to being clear about how we use your data, and to giving you control, enhanced security, and benefit for sharing your data. For more information, see the Bing Privacy Statement.

Some features and functionality described here may not be available in your country or region.

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