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Watch videos from Bing Bar

Use the Videos button on Bing Bar to search for videos about your interests, current events, or viral topics and to watch the latest videos about movies, TV, music, news, and sports.

If you don't see some or all of the features described in this topic, you might have an older version of Bing Bar. To install the latest version of Bing Bar with all the newest features, go to Bing Bar Download.

Watch a video

  1. On Bing Bar, click the Videos button Image of videos button on Bing Bar.

  2. Browse through the trending videos or video categories.

  3. Click the large picture or a video thumbnail of the video that you want to watch.

Search for videos to watch

  1. Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box on Bing Bar, and then click the search button Image of search button in Bing Bar Videos or press ENTER.

    The video results appear below the menus in order of what people are watching most now.

    Image of Videos menu on Bing Bar
  2. Do one of the following:

    • To play a video, click the large picture or a video thumbnail.

    • To return to the search results, click the Videos button Image of videos button on Bing Bar on Bing Bar.

Save your search to follow the latest related videos

  1. After doing a search that you want to save, click Save search above the video results.

    Your saved search appears above the video results in Bing Bar.

  2. When you return to Bing Bar Videos, click the saved search to see the latest videos for that search.

Some features and functionality described here may not be available in your country or region.

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