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Translate websites

Bing Bar Translator is a free machine translation service you can use to instantly translate the text on websites into other languages. Bing Bar Translator uses Microsoft Translator statistical machine translation technology, which maps known words and phrases to their equivalents in other languages. Machine translation can be useful for non-native speakers to get the gist of the information on a website, but a machine is not a native speaker and machine translated text isn’t necessarily 100% accurate.

Translate a web page

  1. Open Windows Internet Explorer.

  2. Navigate to the web page that you want to translate.

  3. Click the Translate button Translate on Bing Bar.

    If you can’t see the Translate button, add the button to Bing Bar. For more information, see Choose and organize buttons on Bing Bar.

  4. In the Translator bar at the top of the page, select the language that you want the website to appear in.

    To see any translated sentence on the web page in its original language, point to its translation.

More information

For more information about Bing Bar Translator, see:

  • If you visit a web page which is written in a language other than your default browser language, Bing Bar Translator automatically asks you if you want to translate it. To translate the web page into your default browser language, in the alert which appears below the Bing Bar search box, click Yes.

  • Bing Bar Translator remains switched on as long as you’re looking at the same web page. When you navigate to a different web page, Bing Bar Translator is switched off until you choose to translate again.

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