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Opt in or out of the Bing Bar Experience Improvement Program

When you use Bing Bar, you can choose to participate in the optional Bing Bar Experience Improvement Program that collects information about your computer, searches, addresses of websites you go to, and how you use Bing Bar. This information helps us to improve the quality and performance of our products and services and to help prevent spam and phishing scams from reaching your inbox. While Bing Bar is enabled, we collect information to improve search ranking and relevance and the performance of Bing services.

To help protect your privacy, we don't use any of the information collected through this program to identify, contact, or target advertising to you, and we store this information separately from any account information we might have that directly identifies you, such as name, email address, or phone numbers. We anonymize or delete the information collected through this program at eighteen months.

When you install Bing Bar, you can opt in or out of participating by selecting or clearing the Improve my experience check box before you click Finish to complete the installation.

  1. Open your web browser.

  2. On the right side of Bing Bar, click the Settings button Settings.

  3. Click Quality, select No, I don't want to participate, and then click Close.

If you don't see some or all of the features described in this topic, you might have an older version of Bing Bar. To install the latest version of Bing Bar with all the newest features, go to Bing Bar Download.

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