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About personal safety for My Places

Public places are searchable and appear as user-contributed results. If you make a list of places private, they won't be searchable, but you can still share the web address. Because public places are available to everyone on the Internet, take some safety precautions when you save them.

Please read the Code of Conduct to make sure that you stay within the guidelines. Children under the age of 13 shouldn't create places.

Use common sense and the following advice to help stay safe:

  • Always consider your safety: Don't make any information public that you wouldn't want a stranger to read. Also, consider the safety of family and friends.

  • Guard your identity: Don't include your real name, school name, team name, where you work, or any other information that might be used to identify you personally.

  • Guard your home address: Don't tell strangers where you live.

  • Keep your personal schedule private: Don't let strangers know when you might be home alone.

  • Examine your photos: Make sure that your photos don't contain house numbers, license plate numbers, or other identifying details.

  • Check hidden data: Make sure that the metadata or properties of your photos don't contain information that might be used to identify you personally.

  • Check your links: Don't link to websites or blogs that contain information that might help identify you.

  • Help keep everyone else safe: Don't include or link to any identifying information about anyone else, and don't let others include or link to your personal information.

Some features and functionality described here may not be available in your country or region.

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