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Report a concern

Report offensive search results

  1. Go to the Bing Report a Violation Support form.

  2. Follow the instructions to complete the form.

Bing doesn’t control the operation, design, or content of websites indexed by Bing. Bing also doesn’t control what these websites publish. After the website removes the information and Bing has crawled the website again, the offensive or harmful information won't appear in our results.

Report an intellectual property concern about an ad

See the Intellectual Property Guidelines for Bing Ads to determine the type of concern (trademark, counterfeit product, or copyright) and use the appropriate online form to report it to Microsoft.

If your concern is about a website that appears in Bing search results and not an advertisement, contact the owner of the site about your intellectual property concern.

Report concerns about a website's content

Bing doesn’t control the content that websites publish or that appears in Bing search results. To make sure content is removed from search results, your best option is to contact the webmaster for the website that published the content and request that it be deleted or removed. Until the webmaster removes the content from their website, it will continue to exist and can be discovered by going directly to the web address or by search engines like Bing.

If the website has removed the content but it still appears on Bing, you can remove broken links or cached content from search results with the Bing Content Removal Tool.

To report other content issues, contact Bing Support.

Some features and functionality described here may not be available in your country or region.

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