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Browse the Internet in private

Some Internet browsers, such as Windows Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.5, have a private browsing feature, which can help you to control how data about how you browse the Web is saved and shared. For instance, some browsers allow you to browse the Internet without cookies, temporary Internet files, and browsing histories being saved on your computer.

  • If your current Internet browser has a private browsing feature, you can turn it on for your current browsing session by clicking the Private button on Bing Bar, and then clicking OK. Click Private again to turn off private browsing.

  • If your current Internet browser doesn't have a private browsing feature and you click the Private button, a flyout prompts you to upgrade to the newest version of your browser that does offer private browsing.

Bing Bar doesn't provide or guarantee a private browsing experience. The Private button activates the private browsing feature supplied by your Internet browser. For more information about how your browser's private browsing feature works, see the Help for your browser.

If you don't see some or all of the features described in this topic, you may have an older version of Bing Bar. To install the latest version of Bing Bar with all the newest features, go to the Bing Bar Download website.

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