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Check your computer's online security status

The Safety Center on Bing Bar helps keep you aware of your computer's level of online safety by monitoring your computer's safety and security software and giving you a quick visual indicator of its status. The Safety Center icon appears on the right side of Bing Bar, and monitors three safety criteria:

  • Pop-up blocking: Checks whether your computer has software active which prevents pop-up windows from appearing when you browse the Internet. Most Internet browsers include a pop-up blocker.

  • Phishing protection: Checks whether your computer has software active which blocks or alerts you to phishing websites. Most Internet browsers include an anti-phishing feature.

  • Safe site: Checks whether the website you're currently viewing is a known phishing website (Windows Internet Explorer 7 and later only.)

  1. Depending on your computer's current online security status, the Safety Center icon has four possible states:

    • Your computer is at the recommended safety levels : Your computer is at the recommended safety levels. All of the safety criteria are either OK or you have chosen to ignore their status.

    • Your computer is at risk : Your computer is at risk. One or more safety criteria are rated At risk.

    • Unable to verify your safety settings : Safety Center is currently unable to verify your safety settings.

    • Checking your computer's safety settings : Safety Center is currently checking your computer's safety settings. The icon will change color in a few seconds.

    If the Safety Center icon appears orange (Unable to verify your safety settings) or red (Your computer is at risk), click it to open the Safety Center flyout.

  2. Next to each criterion that's marked At risk or Unknown, do one of the following:

    • Fix the problem: To turn on your computer's pop-up blocker or anti-phishing software, click Turn on. If your Internet browser doesn't have an anti-phishing feature, you'll see a link where you can download a newer version of your browser.

    • Ignore the problem: To stop Safety Center taking a safety criterion into account when displaying your computer's status, click Don't show messages about. To stop ignoring the criterion, click Always show messages about.

  • If the Safe site criterion has a red status, the website you're currently viewing has been reported as a known phishing website, and you should leave the website immediately. The Safe site criterion appears only when your computer's anti-phishing software is turned on.

  • Bing Bar doesn't provide pop-up blocking or anti-phishing functionality. Safety Center reports on the status of your computer's pop-up blocking and anti-phishing software. For more information about how your pop-up blocking and anti-phishing software works, see the Help for your software.

  • If your computer's safety and security software is globally activated, but also temporarily or partially disabled through Internet zones, Safety Center will report it as active.

If you don't see some or all of the features described in this topic, you may have an older version of Bing Bar. To install the latest version of Bing Bar with all the newest features, go to the Bing Bar Download website.

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