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My MSN: About My MSN

My MSN is a webpage that you customize by adding content that interests you, choosing the layout and themes that you want, and much more.

Signed in vs. not signed in

If you use My MSN without signing in to a Microsoft account, the browser saves your customizations in cookies. The next time you use the same browser, on the same computer, and go to My MSN, your customizations will appear. If you use a different browser or computer, your customizations won't appear.

To make sure you can see your customized My MSN page in any browser or on any computer, always sign in with a Microsoft account. When you sign in, you can also see your Outlook inbox, chat with your friends on Messenger, and get quick access to your Calendar.

If you don't have a Microsoft account, click Sign In, and then follow the instructions to sign up.

Customize your page

With My MSN you can:

  • Easily browse or search for the content you want to see on your page. Choose from hundreds of sources for new headlines, sports scores, weather forecasts, stock quotes, traffic conditions, and more.

  • Use RSS feeds to add content from almost any website.

  • Place content where you want it to appear.

  • Create multiple tabs to organize your content however you want it.

  • Choose different layouts for each tab so it works best for the content it.

  • Choose from a range of themes to change the look of each tab.

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