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Entertainment: See TV show listings

You can view detailed information about upcoming TV programs on the TV Listings page provided by MSN TV. To view program information, go to the TV Listings page, and then click a show title.

Move the TV listing grid forward or backward in time

  1. Go to the TV Listings page.

  2. At the top of the TV listings, click the left arrow to move back or click the right arrow to move forward.

See programs for a specific day and time

  1. Go to the TV Listings page.

  2. If this feature is available for your listings, you will see a calendar button at the top of the TV listings. Click the calendar button, and then select the day you want to view.

  3. To return to the current day, click the TV Listings tab.

View a list of TV programs in a category

  1. Go to the TV Listings page.

  2. At the top of the TV listings grid, click All Categories, and then select a category, like Movies, Sports, Kids, or News.

Search for TV programs

  1. Go to the MSN TV website.

  2. At the top of the page, type the name of your program in the search box, and then click the search button.

See a list of all times a program or episodes of a program will be aired

  1. Go to the TV Listings page.

  2. Find the program, and then click the title.

  3. In the program details window, click All airings.

  • The information available for each program varies depending on the type of show.

  • You can't view listings for past dates.

  • At the present time, you can't limit the channels that you see in TV Listings.

  • Listings for future programming may occasionally be unavailable. However, listings are updated overnight on a daily basis, so you may want to retry your search at a later time.

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