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About expired subscriptions


Topic Last Modified: 2011-12-09

Your organization has purchased one or more subscriptions to Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses. As an administrator, you can assign licenses to individuals within your organization to use these subscriptions.

These subscriptions are purchased for a specific period of time. When a subscription expires, the subscription enters a brief grace period during which administrators receive notification email messages and see alerts, when they log in to the Office 365 portal, that warn that the subscription will soon be disabled.

Administrators can view the status of all subscriptions on the Billing and subscription management page and confirm which subscriptions have expired.

During this grace period, you can renew the expired subscription, disassociate users from the expired subscription, or reassign users to a new subscription. Users continue to have access to the subscription during the grace period.

If you do not renew the subscription, the subscription will soon be disabled; user accounts assigned to the expired subscription are disabled, and users are unable to access the expired subscription. However, administrators can still access the service. Users assigned to more than one subscription can continue to access subscriptions that are still active (have not expired). Administrators will continue to receive notifications until the expired subscription is removed or renewed. When a subscription is removed, all data is permanently lost.


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